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Residential and Commercial

Home and business owners can enjoy the many benefits of upgrading windows with window film. Whether you have a home, office, warehouse or storefront, we will strive to meet your film application needs. Our installations can be seen in homes and establishments throughout Utah, including fortune 500 companies and state institutions. 

We proudly offer multiple SunTek films to choose from varying by light transmission, reflectance, and color. We are fully licensed and insured, and every installation includes the manufacturers film lifetime warranty. To learn more about SunTek’s film specifications follow the link below.


Reduce Glare

Reduce glare and the need for artificial lighting. Improve the visibility of your TV and other device screens.

UV Protection

Block 99% of UV rays and reduce undesirable heat. Provides protection for you and your family. It also helps prevent sun fading of carpets, blinds, shutters, and other furnishings.

Energy Savings

Window film reflects and absorbs heat. This lowers the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter, which lowers utilities costs year round.


Window film is reflective and has a mirror type appearance from the outside. This reduces the need for blinds or curtains while maintaining privacy throughout the day.


Window film strengthens glass and reduces the risk  of injury, damage, or loss of assets due to natural disasters, vandalism, and attempted theft.