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Frequently Asked Questions

We are family owned and operated, which means we do our own sales, installations, and customer service. We have no middle person involved and are able to pass on savings to you.

Yes! For residential installations our films are covered by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, 5 years of glass coverage,  and the installation itself is covered for 1 year. Commercial installations include a 10 year film warranty, 3 years of glass coverage and a 1 year installation warranty.


* Manufacturer’s film warranty is not transferable. Glass coverage warranty is in the rare event that window cracks due to thermal shock.


Tinted windows can be cleaned with a squeegee or soft cotton cloth and common window products as long as they are ammonia free. You can also create your own cleaning solutions with 1 part vinegar to 10 parts distilled water. If possible avoid using paper towels, brushes, and abrasive cleaning agents as they may cause minor scratching.

Drying times  vary due to heat and humidity and range from 30-45 days in the summer to 45-60 days throughout winter. Any “haziness” or “milky” appearance you see in the glass during this time period is water under the film, which will gradually disappear as the days pass. Any streaks on the outside of the film may be gently wiped with a soft damp cloth.

Though we are meticulous in applying film without bubbles, some may appear and remain during the drying time period. Also, occasionally a few small points may be visible from the outside. These very tiny points are small particles inherent in the adhesive system.

In the unlikely event of thermal glass breakage or seal failure, please contact us. We will work with a glass company to have your window replaced (minimal deductible will apply). Upon completion,  we will tint the new window at no additional charge.