Common Questions And Answers



Drying Time and "Hazy Windows" Approximately 30-45 days (summer), 45-60 days (winter) are required for drying, depending on heat and humidity factors. Any haziness you may see is water under the film. This will gradually disappear as the days pass. The windows may also have a milky appearance in some places along with soapy streaks. This will disappear during the drying period and the streaks may be wiped, gently using a soft damp cloth.

About Bubbles… Though we are meticulous in applying the film without visible bubbles, some small bubbles may remain until windows are completely dry. Also, a few small particles, or points, might be visible from the outside. These usually very tiny points are inherent in the adhesive system.

Window Cleaning Instructions Tinted windows should be cleaned by using common window cleaning solutions such as Windex or Glass Plus (without ammonia). A squeegee or soft cotton cloth is ideal for cleaning windows. Also, you can make your own solution with 1 part vinegar to 10 parts distilled water. Although, the film has a scratch resistant coating, brushes or cleaning agents containing abrasive material should be avoided. If possible try to avoid cleaning the glass with paper towels; some brands may cause minor scratching. Fresh paint splatters can be wiped off with paint solvents and a soft cloth.

Glass Breakage or Seal Failure… In the unlikely event of thermal glass breakage or seal failure, please call our office. We will contact a glass company to replace your window (a minimal deductible will apply) upon completion, Tint Master will tint the new window at no additional charge.

You may contact us by phone at (435) 272-5783 or by email at tintmasterut@gmail.com